Dorm life

I’m getting all settled here at LeTourneau. So far, it’s been a blast!

The upper classmen really take care to make sure all the freshmen are welcomed and feel welcomed. They have us all doing crazy tasks for them for the first week of school. For example, I had to wear a trashbag outfit to dinner tonight and we all have to wear a shirt that says “Property of 41” for the entire week. It’s all in fun, but it’s really quite awesome because it helps you bond with the other freshman because they mostly share the same fates, and helps you bond with the upper classmen due to the love-hate situation. 🙂

We were all assigned names last night in our “secret dorm meeting”. I can’t tell you all the details, but it involved holding a table for two hours and “ponding” (throwing in a nasty, awful pond) our resident assistant, Slurpee. My floor name is now zoot! My roomie’s name is Apple, and there’s other crazy/random names other people have like Play-Dough, Sync, and Dent. These names are what we’ll be referred to by everyone else (except the professors) on campus.

Here’s some fun imagery!

Our dorm insignia:


I made this and hung it on my door to get into the spirit:


Here’s Slurpee after being ponded. I was told he liked to pose for pics… guess I should have taken the tip more seriously.


Shortly after our secret meeting, greeting each other by our new names and telling our birthday to Paco (center) so they can pond us on the special day. Whoopie!


Me enduring the garbage bag torture:


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