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Howto: Install Boot Camp 2.1 drivers on a new MacBook Pro using a Leopard install DVD

So you’re in Korea and you stupidly forgot your MacBook Pro install DVD that you need in order to install Boot Camp drivers, huh? Have no fear, as long as you can borrow a Leopard install DVD off someone, it’s possible to get everything working. The problem here is that even with the Leopard install DVD (at least in my case), the DVD has the Boot Camp 2.0 drivers which will give you a blue screen of death if you try to install it on the latest MacBook Pro revision.

Step 1: Copy the Boot Camp driver install files from the Leopard CD to your Boot Camp desktop.

Step 2: Find the Broadcom/wireless driver installer and delete it.

Step 3: Install the 2.0 firmware through Drivers\Apple\BootCamp.msi. It will automagically pass through the wireless driver installation with no BSoD. You’ll need to reboot after this install

Step 4: Now run the 2.1 update, found here: http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/bootcampupdate21forwindowsxp.html. Reboot.

Step 5: Enjoy!