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Philosophy of higher education

For one of my classes today we came up with our “purpose statement” for our being at college. It’s quite enlightening to sit down and actually think about the reasons why you’re actually spending all this time and money when the only direct, physical result is a piece of paper. Here’s my philosophy:

Higher education primarily ensures that graduates have the tools and knowledge they need for the career field they want to go into. The time spent learning while earning the degree is invested into research in the field and honing professional and interpersonal skills. Studying at an academic institution is often necessary to make certain that topics are fully understood, that any questions are answers, and that the new knowledge can be easily referenced if needed in the future.

Attending a higher learning facility and living in school’s dormitory has extra added benefits. Living with other people that you don’t initially know helps immensely in helping students learn to empathize with those around them as well as help the students realize what kind of person they are versus what kind of person they’d like to be. This social experience is every bit just as important as the traditional academic learning that the school provides and needs to be treated as such when students are considering college options.