Introducing NetTunnel

As part of my requirements for obtaining my degree, I’m doing a network capstone project this semester.  I’ve always been somewhat fascinated with NATs and specifically, how to break them, so I decided to work on a NAT traversal application. Enter NetTunnel: The purpose of NetTunnel is to provide a means for users with a lack of knowledge of networking or on a restrictive network an easy and simple means to share network services with other users.

Basically, say I’m on a restrictive network (like the dorm network) that does not allow me to host servers with the world due to NAT restrictions. I want to run ventrilo on my machine and have my friends join so I can chat with them. Unaided, this would be impossible, but if my friends and I are running NetTunnel a “hole” will be opened up in the network so they can connect.

It’s a pretty simple concept that’s already done in most modern desktop applications like Skype and peer to peer games. As far as I could tell this idea’s never been extended to a general level like NetTunnel, so there is a definite need for it. The closest application to it I could find is GameRanger, though GameRanger is aimed specifically at games.

I’ve set up a quick static page for NetTunnel at Keep an eye out for further development, and I’d love to hear feedback about it!

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