A lovely remake of Spacewar!

For those who aren’t familiar, Spacewar! is the second video game ever made. It took the original programmer 200 hours to create on a DEC PDP-1. Obviously technology has advanced a lot since when it was first created, so I thought it would be the perfect game to develop for ACM.

Over the course of two sessions at one hour each session, I was able to create a viable remake of Spacewar! using Lua and Love. The controls are the arrow keys for ship 1 (red) and wasd for ship 2 (blue). Running into the sun kills you, and each time you die (from anything) you have two seconds of immunity from dying. This immunity prevents spawn camping. I’d like to thank zerohdog on flickr for the ship image and fastcall for the sun image (also listed in credits in the game).

Download! (Needs love2d to run)

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